9 Things Every Professional Wedding Needs To Have

I absolutely love to see and hear amazing things about professionals in the wedding industry. Because so many people who own businesses get bad reps, it's delightful to know that there are several professional small business owners who take pride in their work and pride in giving their clients the best experience with their brand.

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If you're reading this as a potential client of a wedding professional, this post will help you identify a great wedding pro for your needs. If you’re a beauty/wedding business owner, there are 10 things that you should have to set yourself apart as a professional in your niche. Consider this as an accountability check to make sure that your business is in a healthy position for longevity and growth. The last thing anyone needs is bad customer service and negative business reviews.

Being in business for myself and working with dozens of professional wedding and beauty pros, I’ve noticed that every person I’ve had great experiences with had all of these things in place or in common:

Disclaimer: Before we get started, let's assume that a professional business owner has already legalized their business.(registered name, entity established: sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, etc.)

Professional brand identity

An established brand identity allows potential clients and other brands to take you seriously. It is the simplest, most inexpensive investment that you'll have to make for your brand. There are a ton of resources online to create a cohesive look for your brand like Stencil, for graphics, and Squarespace, WordPress or more for your website.

Even if you don't have a cohesive look so that clients can remember you, at minimum you should have:


Professional email

Google Suite is only five bucks a month. Emails that end in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or anything else other than the name of a company will not get as much business opportunities as it can. I am not saying that the business is not profitable or successful with these email suffixes. There are many successful pros with generic email names.  However, when other brands, especially larger brands look for collaborations or affiliations they look for professional emails such as info@yourcompanyname.com or hello@yourcompanyname.com.


Website with portfolio

The wedding industry is highly visual. If you service the wedding or beauty industry, you need to have a portfolio of your work. If you are just starting your business. It's time to network and create mock styled [insert what the service you offer] to put on your website.


Bonus insight: Your photos need to be free of distractions. They need to focus on the services you offer and nothing more. For example, if you are a florist and want to show your best work on your website, your flower arrangements need to have minimum to no distractions in the background. The photo needs to be well lit and staged perfectly to draw the eye to your work.


Collateral is just a fancy term for tangible items with your brand on it . So, if you're servicing a wedding or at a beauty event, you should have business cards with your contact information (and website), any brochures, t-shirts, coffee mugs, or clients gifts. Now the latter isn't a necessity, but a lot of professionals where branded shirts and have business cards on them at minimum.

If you're looking for a free low investment company to print your t-shirts and coffee mugs, without having to worry about inventory or large sum payments upfront, you can use Printful. It's super easy to use and setup but that's another blog post.


Business System

Every professional must have a business system. Believe it or not, business systems are what a lot of seasoned professionals do not have in place. This is basically the easiest way to streamline or automate client paperwork, online marketing, and email correspondence.

Because we live in such a digital age, things like online contracting, online invoicing, and an efficient financial recording system is a necessity. Not only does it benefit the client, it benefits the business professional as well, especially during tax season.

In my online vault, there is a contract template that is downloadable in PDF and word format. Grab it. Customize it. To establish an efficient financial recording system, used a cloud based accounting system like Freshbooks, Xero, or QuickBooks Online.


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P.S. PayPal for Business is totally fine to use at first, but as you grow you'll need to record every transaction your business has such as its income, all your expenses, and assets in the future. Get a head start with Freshbooks.


Personable Vibe

Chemistry is everything! I'm not saying be BFFs or kumbaya with everybody you come into contact with, but if the energy is off, other things will be off. All parties have to be comfortable and satisfied with something as simple as being around each other. Being uncomfortable makes other people uncomfortable; it makes the air thick or awkward. Besides if you run a service-based business, being personable is what makes the experience epic.



Personality can only take you far. It does take you far, but talent has to be present. If you've ever wondered why some people who are less talented than you seem to be ahead of you or busier than you are, it is not always because their more talent than you. It could be their personality. People love to be around people who love lift them up, make them laugh, and make them feel great about themselves. Talent and personality go hand-in-hand as they are equally important.


The ability to help another without stepping on toes or burning bridges you’ll once have to cross again is the goal. Unfortunately, everyone did not get the memo but that doesn't mean that you have to join the crowd. If you are an ethical business owner kudos to you! If you struggle with power and getting ahead, I urge you to remember that you always get back what you put out into the universe. People talk. Your brand image is on the line at all times. Make sure you treat people how you want to be treated.



What are we if we are in this alone? You must know people who know people. Relationships are the reason for a lot of people’s success. Your business will not grow like it needs to if you try to do everything alone. Relationships help you get what you need for your business and they help you build life bonds with other artists and clients. Mutually beneficial relationships are key.


Patience is non-negotiable in business. You need it. It affects your professionalism and professionalism is a must. Unprofessional behavior travels faster than good news. This is business. Someone will try you! Make sure you have tough skin, but think of your brand before you react. Avoid sticky situations if possible.


Amazing reviews

Social proof is the best. Not only does an epic portfolio help your brand grow but word of mouth and social proof “aka” reviews about your service is what drives conversions. When people have great things to say about you as a professional as well as the work that you produced, it speaks volumes. Every wedding professional should have amazing reviews.


Bonus insight: If you're just starting out and don't have past clients, you can always get reviews models, photographers, or any other wedding vendors that you work. Use your resources.

Professionals make the best experiences. Seasoned or not, your brand image is your baby. Make sure you have all these things secured and in place to build influence and grow a healthy brand.