7 Solid Reasons Why Hiring a Bridal Freelancer is Best

I have worked with many different brides. Some had every detail planned out to the “T” and others didn’t have things as organized as they could have. This put a strain on everyone including myself, the wedding planner, the photographers, and bridal party. The most precious thing about a wedding day is time!

When I was hired as her makeup artist, one bride couldn’t get her hairstylist to make an appointment for her big day. Another bride watched YouTube with her future sister-in-law for makeup lessons and did her makeup right then and there. All beauty was done on a whim.  I've even had one bride have her entire bridal party travel back and forth to a salon that wasn't in the area. Times were confused, people were late, and frustration was present. All of these decisions can cause an immense amount of stress that can easily be avoided with a freelancer. Here’s how:

Freelancers relieve stress

Your wedding day should be enjoyable, not stressful, and beauty should be the least of your worries! After your trial run, all the specifics will be ironed out and you can check beauty off your list! Not to mention, you relieve stress from future brides who are in your bridal party.

Your best friend is organization when planning your wedding. Hopefully you have a cooperative bridal party, and you’re able to establish a reasonable timeline for beauty services. A freelancer won’t have a permanent location so any location will be do-able.

Freelancers save time

As I’ve stated, freelancers will travel to you. No need to waste time going to a salon and/or a makeup counter on your big day. I can’t stress this enough: Time is precious! Give yourself all the advantages you can so your wedding day can go as smooth as possible.

If you are working with a wedding planner, discuss times for photographers and videographers as well as the time group pictures will be taken. Once you confirm times with those vendors, develop a reasonable time for your freelancer to arrive and perform as well as time for your bridal party to get dressed. Always consider time for emergencies or mishaps.

Freelancers provide flexibility

Prep time varies, and that’s ok. It’s ok to start at 6 in the morning if that is what makes you happy and guarantees you the perfect wedding! I have proudly serviced a party of 11 that started before the sun rose (4am)!

Depending on your venue, you may need to change prep locations for the day. Hotels are ideal prep locations. Freelancers are able to arrive at hotels then travel the venue as your request. If you have a large bridal party, two artists may need to be hired, but changes in locations is another option available when you hire freelancers!

Freelancers sweat the details, you don’t

After your trial run, we will worry about all the little things so you don’t have to. We spend our time making sure we will have everything needed for your entire beauty look. From bobby pins to brushes, we’ll make sure nothing gets left behind. We invest in products needed to achieve your look according to your hair texture, length, and style preference. It’s our job to provide an amazing experience for your big + perform beyond expectation.You’re planning a destination wedding

Although several destination weddings provide makeup artists and hairstylists, it doesn’t mean they are you preferred style artist. It doesn’t take away from their talent or their ability to execute your look. It just means that their style is different.

The best thing about a freelancer is that we’ll meet you there. If you are planning a destination wedding, you can hire a bridal freelancer of your choice rather than using the options that are available to you in the area. Some stylists are limited to specific locations, but there are others who are willing to travel when given enough time to plan. A bridal beauty freelancer is aware of needed travel. It comes with the territory.

One-Stop Shop

There are many talented freelancers out there that can do hair AND makeup. No need to pay for more than one travel fee, and if your bridal party is also getting serviced, this could save them money as well. Also, having one person do your hair and makeup leads to a more cohesive look and matching aesthetic. You don’t want vampy makeup and bohemian hair! Having an artist that can do both is a strong aspect of hiring freelancers.

Niche artist

Why not hire a specialist? Would you go to a plastic surgeon for a root canal? Of course not! Hiring a bridal specialist saves you from the guessing game. Check the artist’s portfolio and see if they can create the look that you’re envisioning for your wedding day. The artist should master formal hair styling as well as many bridal makeup looks.

What better way to plan? Smarter NOT harder! Happy Planning!