5 Reasons You Should be Talking About Statement Hair Pieces

You want to make a statement at your wedding, but need tips? I’ve got you covered. A bride can make a statement through many accessories such as headpieces, hats, veils or birdcages, and large hair accessories. Making a statement with hair accessories is a great way to express your personality and show off your unique style. We know that most of your wedding guests will be familiar with your personality.

Statement pieces are affirmation of how you express your definition of beauty! You must be careful not to overdo it, though. As the saying goes: “Too much of anything is too much”; too many pearls or diamonds can take away from the moment because it’s a distraction to all parties. You want to make a statement, but the key is to make the right one! Below are 5 reasons why you should consider a statement hair piece:

Attention-worthy looks

Have you seen those professional photos that simply take your breathe away? Brides wear over-sized tiaras or super-long veils. Or they have a plethora of stones or pearls all over their dress and jewelry. Making a statement means that all eyes are on you, and what better way to ensure your guests are speechless than with a statement hair piece? Plus, you’ll be the center of attention in all your wedding photos for years to come! Statement pieces should attract a healthy amount of attention when you walk down the aisle and especially when people see your pictures for years to come!

Low maintenance hair care

Statement pieces allow for very little maintenance. For example, if you decide to wear your hair down, headbands, flower crowns or metal crowns help add pizazz to your look! If you are wearing a large tiara or headpiece, your hair may be up in a style, but you would never have to touch it! What about hats? Perfect for a vintage look!! This is another accessory that would allow you to have a simple hairstyle that’s low maintenance.

You don’t have to settle with down and curls, you can create a flattering braid to complete the theme of your wedding. If you are a princess bride, a bun is the most popular style that takes only minutes to achieve!

Embrace your DIY skill

The DIY trend is popular right now. Show off your skills by creating your own statement hair piece; a flower headband or crown for a spring wedding is a great idea! Check out this “Crown Yourself” article on creating your own: Crown Yourself by Off Beat Bride. There are many ways to wear a flower crown such as a above a low romantic bun or around a wavy hairstyle. If your hair is in a side bun, you can wear a partial headpiece with a few hairpins to perfect your style. If a birdcage veil is more your style, you can hot glue a comb with a birdcage netting as well to add to your vintage theme.

Compliment your dress

Do you have a simple dress? If so, you can always spruce it up with a complimentary veil! Your veil doesn’t have to be over the top, but it can be! Many veils come with a variety of designs, lengths, ribbons, jewels, pearls, and lace. With the right hairstyle, your veil could take your entire look to really classy and elegant with this choice! You can wear a full veil which covers the front and back of your hairstyle, or you can wear a partial veil to sweep the floor as you walk!

Contribute to your themed wedding

Alternate brides are reaching for themed weddings such as an enchanted forest. Theme calls for a messy chignon with flower pins or again, the famous flower crown! Just look at the Great Gatsby wedding for the perfect example of how a headband can add to the overall look of your wedding theme. A metal headpiece with vintage waves in a simple hairstyle will give you a unique look that will set you apart from other brides!  

If you are a DIY bride or a bride on a budget, statement pieces should be in your vocabulary for sure! They will create an elegant look for you and leave your wedding guests talking for years!


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