5 Important Answers You Need To Have Before Booking Brides

Let’s face it, brides are already under a lot of stress. Contacting wedding vendors is one of them. They have to find the perfect fit and chemistry with every vendor for their wedding. As a wedding professional, you must be prepared when brides or couples inquire with your business. You must have an effective business system that helps brides with every step of their goal according to your purpose.

If you want to have amazing reviews and successful experiences with each bride, systems are non-negotiable . Systems will help you streamline many processes while giving you time to work with existing bridal clients or attract more business to attain new ones. Your system should answer these 5 questions, thoroughly, before speaking to anyone about servicing their wedding:

How will brides inquire about business?

I know this seems simple, but unfortunately it’s uncommon for hair stylists or makeup artists to not have a website. You read that right. I meet talented professionals all the time who don’t have a website. They lean on social media solely to do business. If you are a professional operating off the good grace of social media, listen. Your brand needs to have a website or digital home that potential clients can visit and revisit at all times. Your website or digital home needs to have an easily accessible way to contact you too.

Social media is not enough. Please do not rely on social media to do all the work for you. You need a website! (Tweet that!) If social media platforms were to disappear, where would brides go to find you. If brands are looking to work with professionals such as yourself, where would they go to contact you? When they do find you, how will they inquire about services with you? Make finding you as easy as possible; even after you get a website. Not doing so will cause you to lose a potential wedding client or business opportunity.


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How will brides book or pay their wedding day?

Once a bride wants to book you for their wedding day, their next question is always “how do I book you?”. This answer should be very easy. If you don’t have a booking system in place, consider using an invoicing and an online payment system. If you prefer to meet in person to collect payments, you’ll need to have detailed receipts and signatures. Have an offline system or protocol.

Brides should be able to reserve their wedding day through a certain process that is stress free for them. Whether your process is a 50% non-refundable deposit or a 100% upfront payment with a qualifying refundable portion, there should be a straight-forward way to remove their wedding date from your calendar and to collect payment without unnecessary hoops to leap through.


What is your timeline process for the wedding day?

I know every wedding is different. Each one should be treated as such. However, there should be a routine that you have for your business. You must consider every possible outcome that could happen in your control. Although all things aren’t preventable, it’s important to make sure you’re covered just in case anything happens. Here are a few things to consider for the timeline of your wedding day:

  • What time should you start according to your bridal party and number of services you’ll be performing?

  • What time should you leave before each wedding?

  • What do you need to setup and perform effectively? (Think: plug outlets, lighting, etc)

  • How much time will you allow to service additional people (if needed)?

  • Will you have an emergency or backup kit?

  • Do you need to bring your own lighting, extension cords, tools, chairs, etc?


I am sure there are more things you should think of, but this is definitely a great start. Create a timeline process for your business so you stay organized at all times.


How will you respond to concerns?

Some brides will get a little more anxious or nervous than others. They will have a million questions. If your duty to lessen the stress, questions, and concern by having a response or correspondence system in place. From the time the bride contacts you until her wedding day, you should build a relationship with the bride and make sure there are no reservations about working with you.

Create a FAQ page on your website or include it in an email auto-responder when you receive inquiries. Respond promptly to all questions or concerns. This is a huge deal!

Pro tip: Streamlining your initial booking process with FAQs will help with concerns or repetitive questions about your services.



How will you follow up?

An epic wedding experience doesn’t end after the ceremony (considering all things went well and as planned). After some time, you should check on your bride to see how her day went/ended. Wait until after you think they have returned back from their honeymoon then contact her. Keep a healthy relationship with your brides. Not only will it help you promote your business with an amazing review, it will give your brand the image it deserves. Word of mouth travels fast. Be the topic in the best light!

If you’ve started your bridal business and your business systems could use a tune-up, consider the key points mentioned in this blog post. Create a plan to help your bride achieve her goals from start to finish; from the first email to the last. Then, watch how excellent customer service works in your favor!