3 Ways To Save Money On Beauty For Your Wedding

You want to look flawless in front of your family and friends at all of your events before and on your wedding day. There will be tons of hugs, kisses, and photos taken so “flawless” is the best way to do it! Budget is a popular word when referencing weddings. Bride’s find any area they can cut and save while bringing their ideal or dream wedding to life.

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The wedding budget can get pretty hefty if brides don’t watch what they invest in for one night events. In particular, the bride’s beauty budget alone can take a turn on the higher end if she wants all things luxury. Luxury can be done on a budget, but there is a right and a wrong way to make beauty cuts. Although I recommend paying professionals for hair and makeup, I do have a few tips that will help DIY brides and brides on a budget look beautiful for the low. Here’s 3 ways to save quickly and easily on beauty for your wedding:


Rent your accessories

If you haven’t heard by now, Rent the Runway is the best place to look luxurious within financial logic. You must look your best at your engagement photoshoot, engagement party, bridal shower, bridal diner (often times after the wedding rehearsal), bridal portraits (if any) and wedding. However, all the events leading to the wedding day cost money.

Your hair has to be styled to perfection, especially for the professional photoshoots. Your makeup has to be on point as well for those photoshoots. There are outfits and accessories needed at any other event too. You can usually save money for all of the events leading to the wedding if you invest in renting accessories. Your money can be saved or repurposed in other areas of the wedding or the honeymoon. So, instead of buying an outfit and accessories for your photoshoots and dinners, rent your look for less and send it back!


Wear a statement piece

If the hair budget is scarce, or your hairstylist can’t make an event, wear a head statement piece with a simple hairstyle. Wear your hair down with curls or in a sleek bun. Find an eye catching accessory like a hat or veil, a huge necklace, huge earrings, or a nice large hair comb accessory. Whatever you wear, make sure it’s huge and catchy. It will draw eyes to that particular thing when people see you. This tip is the easiest way to lay off the hair styling costs per event.


Ceramic 12 Piece Hair Roller Setter

Bonus Tip: If you aren’t sure how to style your hair, invest a hot roller set from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Section your hair according to the size of your rollers. If hair is falling off the sides of your rollers, it means your sections are too wide. Once your curls cool down, it’ll be easier to style your hair. Add a hair piece to compliment your style and you’ll be off to a great luxurious start!


Skip bridal portraits

In my experience, bridal portraits were a hit or miss with some brides. Sometimes they are non-negotiable. Some brides love to have a different look to display in the lobby or reception area at their wedding. Other brides don’t want to bother with additional task on their to do list. It’s totally understandable and all preference. Bridal portraits usually require an additional photography session and booking a hair and/or makeup artist. All of these are additional fees that can be cut from your beauty budget. If you’re dead set on having bridal portraits, remember the first two points in this post.

If you’ve noticed, I mentioned cutting hair costs, but not makeup costs. I want to point out that a makeup budget is absolutely necessary as well as the photography budget. I wrote about why going cheap on either will leave you in tears if you’re not careful in this article. You can get away with a simple hairstyle and still make a grand statement at all of your events, but you have to look your best with professional work if you want that flawless look.

Don’t go all out on dresses or accessories. Rent the Runway and send it back!